Swansea Musical Routes is a project that will focus on discovering and sharing the cultural traditions and musical heritage of refugees and migrant communities in the west and northwest clusters of the Communities 1st areas in Swansea. We will open the project to all migrant communities in those areas such a Polish, Romanian, Iranian, Eritrean, Bangladeshi and Iraqi for example. Focus will be on music, singing, drama, film and dance and will culminate in a performance and exhibition at the end.

We will use music, singing, drama, film and dance to explore and tell the stories of migrants, what they bring to the local community and how their heritage, culture and traditions impact on their environment in Swansea. Participants will explore the background to their traditions and why it’s relevant to them. We will work towards creating an exhibition and digital recordings, along with a pan-community event, so that we can share the outcomes of the project with the wider community.

The project will be open to people of all ages and we hope to have families joining in and sharing memories and traditions within their families as well as with people from other cultural backgrounds. The aim is to keep these traditions alive in the families and communities and to capture them digitally so that they are preserved for future generations. We also aim to build confidence amongst people in the communities and add value to their culture. By involving people from a range of different backgrounds, we aim to get them working together towards one shared goal of preserving and sharing heritage and integrating them in their community.